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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Color

So here is one picture of my new family room color. Sorry the room is a mess! I will take more pics when it is all put back together!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paint..paint ...paint.

Alright, so I am in the process of painting my family room a really soft blue/grey color right now. I insanely decided to start at like 9:00 last night and painted till midnight, and am just finishing up. I am going to post some pics of it in a few days once I have it all put back together!! So stay tuned....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

French Country LOVE!! ~On Etsy

Le Linen Scrap Nest! Made from scraps of linen! Who knew being eco-friendly could be so beautiful! You can find this at

Etsy Pillows- French Country Love

One of my Etsy French Rose Pillows in Chocolate Brown and Robins Egg Blue...lovely!

Pillows Galore!

Wow! I am so blessed to have my etsy shop so busy right now! The feeling is great that people actually like my designs and are buying them! :) I have been super busy sewing, designing, customizing, and stuffing pillows the past month- my house is a disaster! Actually I took a well needed break this afternoon, spent time with my husband, and rearranged my living room. (That ALWAYS makes my brain feel less cluttered!) So now I am in the mood to paint! I am desperatley wanting to paint my living room a light chocolate brown! Has anyone done that? I searched lots of pics online of rooms painted brown and I really like it! Right now they are a greeney/yellow color. Any suggestions for paint? I have a natural color linen couch, brown and white chairs, and alot of aqua/teal in there. I love the combo of brown and teal!! I really need to post some pics! Oh- and we have hardwood floors. Please..any suggestions out there!!! THANKS!!

PS_ Check out all my new pillows at