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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines!! :)

Ahh....Valentines day! A lovely day to tell your loved ones how much you love them! Do you think it is a Hallmark day, like some? Or do you think it is a great day to remind yourself why you married the one you did, are dating the person you are, or are thankful for the kid you have? I myself, think it is a bit of both. My husband and I don't go all out, but we do celebrate it. We get our boy a little something and eachother a little something. Connor enjoys making decoartions and Valentines for his friends. I think it is great for kids to have days that are special like that and to be able to share things with them. They also need to know though that not just one day is for celebrating the ones you love! Every day is!! So I hope you and your family and loved ones all have a great Valentines Day and take that love throughout the whole year!!! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amish :)

Hi! has been ahwile since I wrote. I have been meaning to and meaning too..just haven't had the chance! Yesterday was really nice out! Well, if you consider 34o nice! We have been so use to this freezing weather that that actually felt warm! We closed on our propert yesterday! (George sold 25 acres of our Greenland property!) to a nice Amish couple. They were very happy to be moving up here from Ohio to be closer to his family! I love the Amish! We know an Amish family pretty well since that property was right next to a family with 7 kids (and one on the way!) Plus they do alot of work on some of our rental houses we have. They have the sweetest kids! Connor loves playing with them- yet I am so nervous he will teach them something "bad"! Oh- poor Connor needs some minor surgery! He has a hernia. He is freaking out and so am I! It is not for a couple weeks yet, but he hates the thought already! He is not good about pain at all.....oh boy. Well I am in the process of making this cute little "Scarlette" stuffed animal for my Etsy shop- I haven't decided if it is going to be a kitty or an owl....check out my shop and see when it is done! Have a great day!!