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Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Connor and George and a Sneak Peak!

How's that title for ya?! 

Another crazy busy weekend down the drain!
Connor's birthday was yesterday and we just had the grandparents over for pizza and cake and icecream.

We went to Chuck- E -Cheeses two weekends in row.  Too much. Too much.
I felt like I needed to powerwash my hands.
Last weekend he took his cousin with us and this weekend Grandma and I took him.  There is nothing my kid loves more than cheap , plastic toys that he can win with coins and tickets.  Nice. I've raised him well!

Well...except maybe an I-Pod Touch..

We barely heard a peep out of him after that.

He picked out this cake..No time for mom to make one this weekend.  But I DID make 2 1/2 dozen cupcakes for his class last night at 9:00 and frosted them at 7 this morning.  No pics..but they turned out pretty cool with Neon green frosting.  I used Meg's Rainbow Cupcake recipe.  It is alot of fun!

ANyways..his cake.  He asked the later to put "Congrats Connor" on it.  No Happy Birthday.  He wanted "Congrats!"  Weird. But whatever floats his boat.

It was a good weekend and now today is my husbands birthday!  The last week of february is sooo busy!  I will be happy to have things slow down a bit for March!

And lastly, my new rug and curtains- which were made from drop cloths.

Have you ever seen anything upholstered in drop cloths?  I am in love with the texture of them after being washed and dried and am curious to see what they would look like on a chair.... What do you think?


Friday, February 25, 2011

I Heart--- Neutrals With Pops of Black

Do you ever look at a room and think, "that rooms got "it"? "  I do.  And I seem to find that rooms that I get that from, have texture, depth and a sense of balance.  I think that black helps to "balance" rooms and give them that depth they need.  Now, while I do not have alot of black in my home, I now know that I need to incorporate a bit more in them to get this feeling I get when I see pictures like the ones below!

What are your feelings on black?  Love it? Hate it?  Like it in small doses?  I used to use it alot, and then liked the pops of white more.  Out went the black and in went the white.  Now I am changing back again!  Luckily my husband loves me. :)  I change rugs and curtains and pillows like most women change shoes!  While I will not be going out and buying doses and doses of black pieces, I will be adding some texture to my rooms with some darker accessories!  ( i think!)

Check out these rooms for some inspiration!

See the depth?  See it?? :)


Have a great weekend!

PS- My rug came.  I like.  I am not in love.  Went and bought some new curtains (actually drop cloths to make into curtains which I have never done and am LOVING) pics to comes soon.  I have alot of changing to do in there if I am going to make the rug work.  But I love a challenge like that! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cozy Beds...

With spring right around the corner *fingers crossed* I find myself lingering more in bed when I get the chance!  Pretty soon the weather will turn warmer and lazing around in bed isn't as cozy then!

I love all these rooms and the coziness about them.  They all make you want to jump in, snuggle up and stay awhile!

Love the brick wall behind this one and the brown and blue color scheme.

Probably my fav bedroom- EVER-  Love everything about it.  Wouldn't change a thing!!

Pottery Barn has a way to make any bed look comfy!

Love this!  The Chipper print pillows, the grey and white..the little poufs at the chairs! Swoon!

And lastly Restoration Hardware.  Love it.
The End.


Ps- My rug is supposed to be delivered today!!!  So excited to see it in person! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am Terrible.

My husband is going to kill me.  I normally do not purchase big money objects without telling *asking* :) him first, but I did yesterday and I purchased this rug online.....

The white shag rug is still itchy for Connor, it is SUPER duper hard to keep clean with cat hair and dog hair (you were right mom, and dad, and grandma, and everyone else but me!!) ...not to mention it sheds like C-r-A-Z-y!!  So, it will be going in our bedroom and this one will be going in place of the shag in the living room.  It is still a 6x9 which fits perfectly in there.  I had an 8x10 once and it was just a bit too odd looking in that room for some reason.  I am hoping this one works!!! :-/

What do you think of it?  Be honest!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Heart TJ Maxx


So this weekend you know I said we were taking Connor to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday..we did and I couldn't help but go into TJ Maxx while there, since it is literally 2 seconds away from Chucks.  I had a gift card from Christmas still...that I actually lost (think it got thrown away in the wrapping paper jumble.)  But they happily were able to cancel that one and get me a new one!  Wahoo!  So...while there were MANY things I wanted there, once I saw this, I knew it had to come home with me! 

Isn't it lovely!  I really wish I could have gotten both, but we had the car and two other kids in tow.  We litterally packed the kiddos in like sardines in the back seat and fit this baby in there with them! Ha!  After I bought it and got it in the car, I ran back in to see if they would possible hold the other one for me (remember I live an hour away!) and thought I could make it back there next weekend, but a lady had it already in line to buy it!!  What a bummer!  Going back in wasn't all a loss though, I got two cute shirts!  Clothes there are so reasonable.  14.99 each.  What a steal!

It reminds me so much of the chairs at Restoration Hardware for 400.00 plus!

How was your weekend?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy Busy..


Just another busy day around here!  I am working really hard getting out a large wholesale order for a lovely lady in Australia!  I also have 25 zippers to put in pillows!  Yikes!  Connor had a 1/2 day of school today, parent teacher conferences tonight, no school tomorrow, the weekend, and no school monday!  Lucky kid!  I think we are going to head to Chuck-E- Cheeses for his birthday this weekend...his birthday isn't officially till next weekend, but it is over an hour away and we are supposed to be having good weather and then crappy weather next week.  So it just makes sense! 

I woke up with a sore throat too this morning!  Yuck.  No fun.

I have so many things I want to share with you, but no time to clean up the rooms spick and span to get them photo worthy! Ahh!  Anyways, I guess I will just show you this wonderful, beautious room that I love. 

Isn't it wondeful?!

I love the rustic look to it, but with a modern vibe in the pops of colors.  Isn't that turquoise ottoman fantastic!  It is from Southern Living mag.  Swoon.

Hope ya'll have a great day!  I am off to sew sew sew!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Please VOTE for Me!!!

Hi there!

Just thought I would ask for you to vote for my Rainbow Disc Pillow that made it into the finalist group in this lovely blog--->

You can vote above for my pillow, if you'd like!!

Muchos Gracias!!

Happy Valentines Day and New Pillows!

Happy Valentines Day all!  Hope you have a great sweetheart to share it with! 

Bad news for my rugs....for some odd reason, Connor broke out in a bad rash friday night...we think it may be the wool rug. He was red and blotchy and itchy.  So we are going to take it out of the room and see if it clears up.  I am suspicious though, because I have had several wool rugs before that have never caused a problem.  Hmm...  We shall see!

I made some new pillow covers for my shop.  These ones are easy ones in great, fun prints and they are ready to ship!  No long wait like all the others in my shop!  All are 18x18 inch with zipper bottoms.  I love them all and want to keep them...but they are for sale!  Check them out--->

Deanna :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Rugs

Yippee!!  My new rugs came and I have to say I am impressed!  I especially love the white shag one.  It is sooo soft and thick and cushy!  Connor loves it.  I have yet to get a good picture of the one other...not good lighting in there makes it look like it has a metallic look to it and it totally does not. 

So here is the shag one..

I treated myself to some tulips too!  I has been soo cold here, -18 this morning and I needed a little spring in the house.  Aren't they so pretty!?

Love them!

I moved the large seagrass rug into the dining room.  Once I get that put together, I will show you! 

So for now, we are loving our extra soft replacement!


Friday, February 4, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

So, Santa got Connor a guinea pig for Christmas.

She was cute and chubby.

Connor named her Big Mama.

I think he was on to something...

 because the other morning we woke up to this...

Luckily, she only had two.  We think we already have homes for them...let's hope!

They sure are darn cute though, and so funny to watch!

Silly Santa.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Second Day- No school

This is the second snow day.... he is bored.

Our cable is out.
Our driveway is still not plowed.
It won't be till after 2 this afternoon.
We are going stir crazy.
The snow plow went through a pushed a 4 foot driftt in our driveway.
This is what the living room looks like.
Don't judge.
Notice Princess Peach is in jail (the glass jar)
I am glad he has an imagination at least.
Even if it means putting people in glass jars.

I hope the new rugs come today!
That is, if the UPS truck can get down our street!
I hope there is school tomorrow.

Fingers crossed. For both of the above.

Have a great day

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snownado 2011


It is cold.
And blizzardy.
They are calling it Snownado... SnowMG.. Stormagedon... Snowpocolypse

And right now, looking outside my window, I feel they are right.  We have 352 cancellations in our area right now.  Wow.  We have 40 mph winds outside and a drift over our fence, taller than me!

So, I wish I was here all day today...

Or here...

Instead I will be making these...

If you're battling this storm as well...try to stay warm and be safe if you have to travel anywhere!!  If you are on the West Coast in 70 degree weather... um... please don't gloat!