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Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Connor and George and a Sneak Peak!

How's that title for ya?! 

Another crazy busy weekend down the drain!
Connor's birthday was yesterday and we just had the grandparents over for pizza and cake and icecream.

We went to Chuck- E -Cheeses two weekends in row.  Too much. Too much.
I felt like I needed to powerwash my hands.
Last weekend he took his cousin with us and this weekend Grandma and I took him.  There is nothing my kid loves more than cheap , plastic toys that he can win with coins and tickets.  Nice. I've raised him well!

Well...except maybe an I-Pod Touch..

We barely heard a peep out of him after that.

He picked out this cake..No time for mom to make one this weekend.  But I DID make 2 1/2 dozen cupcakes for his class last night at 9:00 and frosted them at 7 this morning.  No pics..but they turned out pretty cool with Neon green frosting.  I used Meg's Rainbow Cupcake recipe.  It is alot of fun!

ANyways..his cake.  He asked the later to put "Congrats Connor" on it.  No Happy Birthday.  He wanted "Congrats!"  Weird. But whatever floats his boat.

It was a good weekend and now today is my husbands birthday!  The last week of february is sooo busy!  I will be happy to have things slow down a bit for March!

And lastly, my new rug and curtains- which were made from drop cloths.

Have you ever seen anything upholstered in drop cloths?  I am in love with the texture of them after being washed and dried and am curious to see what they would look like on a chair.... What do you think?


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  1. Happy birthday to both your guys! It is my hubby's unbirthday birthday today! He is a leap year baby! :) Love the cake and he looks VERY happy with his i-touch! :)
    I love the curtains and yes drop cloth is perfect for furniture! I have some in my kitchen over my benches and they wash they great!
    Have a great day!