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Friday, February 25, 2011

I Heart--- Neutrals With Pops of Black

Do you ever look at a room and think, "that rooms got "it"? "  I do.  And I seem to find that rooms that I get that from, have texture, depth and a sense of balance.  I think that black helps to "balance" rooms and give them that depth they need.  Now, while I do not have alot of black in my home, I now know that I need to incorporate a bit more in them to get this feeling I get when I see pictures like the ones below!

What are your feelings on black?  Love it? Hate it?  Like it in small doses?  I used to use it alot, and then liked the pops of white more.  Out went the black and in went the white.  Now I am changing back again!  Luckily my husband loves me. :)  I change rugs and curtains and pillows like most women change shoes!  While I will not be going out and buying doses and doses of black pieces, I will be adding some texture to my rooms with some darker accessories!  ( i think!)

Check out these rooms for some inspiration!

See the depth?  See it?? :)


Have a great weekend!

PS- My rug came.  I like.  I am not in love.  Went and bought some new curtains (actually drop cloths to make into curtains which I have never done and am LOVING) pics to comes soon.  I have alot of changing to do in there if I am going to make the rug work.  But I love a challenge like that! :)


  1. I like black too, or really dark brown. I wish I had a site on decorating to showcase some of my house. However, I am steering more towards white lately because my house only has windows on the front side and doesn't have much light coming into it. Thankfully my husband likes my style! we are lucky!!

  2. Hello,

    Love your inspirational pictures today. I love the kitchen above. Cute stools and lanterns. I also love the 4 post bed. So pretty!
    Thank you for sharing.