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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day and New Pillows!

Happy Valentines Day all!  Hope you have a great sweetheart to share it with! 

Bad news for my rugs....for some odd reason, Connor broke out in a bad rash friday night...we think it may be the wool rug. He was red and blotchy and itchy.  So we are going to take it out of the room and see if it clears up.  I am suspicious though, because I have had several wool rugs before that have never caused a problem.  Hmm...  We shall see!

I made some new pillow covers for my shop.  These ones are easy ones in great, fun prints and they are ready to ship!  No long wait like all the others in my shop!  All are 18x18 inch with zipper bottoms.  I love them all and want to keep them...but they are for sale!  Check them out--->

Deanna :)


  1. Oh no, poor little one! I hope it is not your rugs and I hope that you find out what it is soon, no fun! Love the pillows, the designs are great!

    Happy Valentines Day!