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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer = Craziness

Summer is here.  Life is crazy....
Connors ball game got cancelled due to this EXTREME heat wave we are having...
It is h.o.t.
Too freakin' hot.
I do not likey.

This was his last game.  We thought it was hot then....
We were wrong.
Oh boy... I remember complaining that Spring was here and it should be warmer.
I did NOT mean THIS warm.
Can you tell this weather makes me crabby?

We had a wedding this past weekend.  Another hot day as well. 
I got one picture the whole time.

Connor got invited to the beach with a friend.
I think these pictures are pretty cool.
There is a large rock (obviously) that used to be under water!
No you can just climb on it! And spray paint it ( I guess).


I know I haven't been around much.  I just have been soooo busy!
I will try to make more posts, more often! 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Happy Friday!
What are your weekend plans?  We don't have too much.  Baseball practice for Connor, Farmers Market (grand opening!) soooo excited for that!
Probably a barbecue either at our house or my parents.  Haven't really decided yet.  Hopefully a bon-fire and smores too!  I am praying that the weather hold out.  It is crazy cold here right now (40's!!!) but by sunday it is supposed to be in the 70's.  Fingers and toes are crossed.  We have also had crazy rain as well.  And it is supposed to linger through, scattered this weekend.  Hoping they are wrong on that one!

This week my friend from Chicago was home visiting!  I got to see Frankie- her babe!
He is so cute!

Connor did not want to get too close to the baby.  Weird.  He stayed his distance. 

He is only 8 months old!  Big baby!

Well I have a lot to do before tomorrow, so I gotta bust my butt!  I really want to take Connor to see Kung Fu Panda 2 tonight too!  He is getting to that age now where he wants to bring a friend.  Boo. 
Oh well.

Have a great weekend and travel safe whatever you do!
Buckle up!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Favorites....


Happy Monday!
What a beautiful weeekend we had in Michigan!  They were calling for rain and we only saw about 10 minutes of it on sunday, even while the sun was still shining!  I got almost all my flowers planted for our front porch...still need my hanging ferns and one potted fern for the corner....I will show pics soon!  It is dark and cloudy here today so not good for pictures...

For today I thought I would share some of my favorite rooms circling the web lately.  Some I am sure you have seen before!

LOVE this settee at the end of the bed!  To- die -for!!  And the framed pics behind the bed!  Loveit!

Two things I am loving here.  One the gallery wall of prints.  I want to do this so badly in our house!  I am having issues finding frames I like though that are not 15-20 bucks a piece and with that is not an investment I want to make!  Secondly, I LOVE the slipcovered chairs.  Love.

I know this is a fallish picture, but I am in love with that zebra bench.  I love benches at dining room tables. 

A white kitchen.  What's not to love about this one?  I love the pops of green.  It makes it so fresh and not stale looking.  And the big island..I want on of those too!
What do you think about the light fixture?  I am honestly not crazy about it.  I like it, but not what I would have chosen. 

So what are your plans for the week?  MY friend is up with her baby in town this weekend, staying with her parents!  This weekend is the first farmers market in town and I am so excited!  They have a great market there in such a tiny little town!  It brings in sooo many people.  I love it.  I just hope the weather stays nice...they are calling for rain.  Big surprise.

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello!'s been awhile 'eh!  Things have been hectic around here. Family was here for a few days with my cousins funeral and just busy busy.  Situations like this really make you think about life and how fast everything can be taken away.  I can't imagine what my Aunt is going through.  Scott was only 20 years old...hit by a truck on a dirt bike.  Crazy freak accident.  

I truly believe though, that when it is your time, it is your time.  No matter where you are at the moment..what you are doing.  When God is ready to take you, he will.  It helps to think this way (for me).  It makes it easier to accept things.  When you trust and believe in God, you know you will see that person again.

So today, take a little extra time with the ones you love.  Don't take anything for granted.
Hug a little bit longer.
Make sure you tell them you love them.

I literally had to hold him down for this picture.  He was being goofy.

I hope you have a great day!

PS_ I am pretty sure that the sun has died.  We have not seen a glimpse all week!  Just rain, rain and more rain.  And lots of clouds. 
Here's to wishing for a weekend full of sunshine and warmer temps!! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Please Send Prayers....

Just a quick drop in to please add my Aunt to your prayers....her son was killed in an accdident yesterday, on Mothers Day.  So sad.  She needs your prayers...she is having a very hard time.

Thank you!!


Friday, May 6, 2011

My Kitchen

Good Morning!
It is chilly and wet here (again!)..although we can't complain too much since the past two days have been quite nice!  I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend for Mothers Day.  I know it won't come tonight though, since Connor is having a friend over for the night!!

Anywho.... this past saturday I woke up bright eyed and bushey tailed, ready to tackle the kitchen!  I will say, the cabinets are not finished painted yet....hopefully I will have that completed in the next few weeks! And you will just be getting a sneak peek of of it...I am waiting to show it all until the cabinets are finished! (hopefully not 6 months from now!)  One thing at a time,  my friend, one thing at a time!! :)

So anyways, I went an picked out paint... me no likey.

It was too light...didn't look right to me...
So off to the store to pick up more paint...a darker grey.  Didn't like that either.  Too dark!

You can see before, it was a light green.  This was painted during my shabby chic phase, right after we bought the house.  I painted rooms light yellows, sage greens, baby blues..all pretty colors, but I grew sick of them fast.  Loved them at the time, but they became hard for me to decorate for some reason.  I felt too glued to one look.

I also think that this is the only room in our house that hasn't been painted at least 3 times!  The kitchen is in the back of our house and it was totally out of place, color-wise.  The new paint was a welcome change!

Well since it was too dark, and the other too light..what did I do?  I mixed the two colors together!  And out came the perfect greyish brown color that is perfect!  To be honest..I wanted an all white kitchen.  And I still kinda do, but I am really liking this color. The white just felt too stale to me in there.  And the paint I got for the cupboards is antique white, so there is going to still be a lot of white in there!

So here it is.....


There's the old dough bowl from my MIL..It is so big and not too sure where it is going..but for now it is just leaned up against the wall there!  That door leads into a little 1/2 bath...and a storage room since there are NO closets downstairs!  It is a VERY long bathroom..that whole wall!  We were told it was part of a covered porch they enclosed.  It is cold in the winter in there.  The joys of owning an old home!

I love this old book page I got off Etsy with the bugs! And my two cute twin nieces!  Adorable!

I do not have the paint color name since it was mixed by myself!  Hopefully I don't ever need to re-paint a whole wall because there is not enough paint to do it! Yikes!

Hopefully I have time to paint the cabinets soon!  Once they are done, I will be sure to show you all!

Have a great Mothers Day weekend!!  We are keeping it simple with a barbecue at my Grandmas with some aunts and uncles and my Mom of course!!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Bling and New Pillows

Somebody is feeling pretty fancy today...he got a new collar in the mail and he looks so snappy and cute in it!
I got it from a new Etsy reasonable too!!
Check her shop up above!

Here he is lounging on the back cushion of the couch. Isn't that awesome the way he smashes it down?  I am constantly re-fluffing the down inside of there!!

Doing what he does best. Bark.  Such a good watch dog!

Who's there???

"I love my new collar Mom!"

I got this fabric too which I L.O.V.E.  I was going to sell them in the shop, but decided to keep them!  I just ordered more to make a cover for a long lumbar pillow I have coming too!

So pretty!  Love them!

Come back tomorrow and I will show you what I painted!!


Friday, April 29, 2011

I want, I need!! And the Royal Wedding of Course!


I am just tired watching all the footage of the Royal Wedding!  I mean,  can you imagine what is going through that girls mind right now?  "I am a Princess...I am a Princess!"  I wonder if she just keeps repeating that over and over?  But the stress and anxiety leading up to this day and knowing that millions of people are watching. 
I don't think I could even come close to handling that...and she handled it like a pro!  She is so proper and I think she will be perfect for the role of future Queen!

Amazing!  Her dress was so pretty!  And I loved watching all the horses...I wonder if they knew how important this day was for them!? :)

Anyways....onto other stuff.  I want this... perfection! From the sink, to the faucet..the flowers.. the cabinets!  Beeauuatiful!

The End.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fabulous Rooms...

 Not much to talk about today...just wanted to share some wonderful rooms.  These rooms make me think spring- which I am craving more of!  We have had lots and lots of rain and clouds the past week and am looking forward to a dry weekend! *fingers crossed*

Aren't these rooms wonderful!?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Do'

Someone got a new haircut today!
No, not me.  I need one too though!

These are some shots before the cut...

And after:

Feeling all spunky!  I had a hard time getting him to sit still!  He was caarrraaazy when I picked him up!  I think he looks a little like Rudolph here from the original movie!  All he needs is a red nose! "She...she..she thinks I'm cute!!" 

Do you remember him saying that?

Connors slipper!  No,no!

They gave him a fuzzy fox tail!  It looks so cute!

And FINALLY taking a break!  Its *ruff* getting groomed! :)


Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend


Happy Easter to you all! 
How was your weekend? Ours was nice and relaxing.  Saturday we just did some yard work and sunday we headed over to my parents for Easter.  There was lots and lots of yummy food.  I think I put on 5 lbs. yesterday alone!  I need to go for a LONG walk tonight!!

Connor had fun finding eggs and his Easter basket!

After breakfast here we got ready and headed over to my parents..

Connor was the only kid there..and had 74! eggs to find.  My mom tends to go a little over-board! :)

The Special Golden Egg!

What was in it?

Dang!  I should have found that one! ;)

Family picture!

I can't believe another Easter is gone!  Time goes so fast!!  We have so much going on this spring and some exciting (hopefully!) changes!  My husband just bought out his business partner, so he is going it alone now!  Scary, but exciting!  We'll know more in the next few months!

I hope you allm had a good Easter too...
we all felt like this last night..


Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Today is so blah!
Grey skies..cold wind..grey skies..bitter cold..grey skies! He's got the idea doesn't he!?

Ugh. Grey skies!  Where is spring?  I feel like every time Easter is approaching, the weather gets cold.  I remember wearing sleeveless dresses and NO coat for Easter when I was little.  So much for global warming....  I just need sunshine.  Sunshine makes me happy!

Connor only has four days of school this week.  No school for Good Friday.  He has been thinking that Easter is like a mini Christmas for some reason.  He wants this Gazuds thing that is a bubble gun that blows of suds...and 3-D DS and a bowling bowl..and and a 50.00 Itunes card.  Nice.

My mother in law gave me this the other day!

It's one of those OLD bread bowls.  It is really cool and has such great patina!

Connor thinks it's a mini boat. 

Not too sure what I am going to do with it.. right now it has pillows in it!  Go figure!

I got this in the mail today too!

A cute tin globe!  It's old and denty...just how I like it!

I have become obsessed with them lately!  I am slowly growing my colllection! 

What are your Easter plans?  We have dinner at my parents..always lots of yummy food!  I should go attend to my pillows.  Still lots and lots of sewing to do!

Have a great day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Love this!


I l.o.v.e this bathroom!  It has pretty much everything I want in a bathroom.  Love the sink.  Love the tub.  Love the flooring. Love the mirror and shelf!   And storage!  Score!

We have a busy and cold weekend in front of us.  Easter party tomorrow for my moms side of the family.  Luckily it is at my cousins house here in town!  No far drive this time!

Connor is looking forward to an Easter egg hunt...if the rain holds off!  I swear, this time of year in Michigan is soo unpredictable.  70 degrees one day and 40 next!  Gheesh!

Hope you have a great weekend too!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Evan Almighty

Hello friends!

No decorating ideas, or inspiration pictures today!  Sorry!  But I have alot I want to share with you.

First, have you ever seen the movie Evan Almighty?  It is one of my favorites and Connor loves it too!  I have seen it at least 5-6 times and it always makes me tear up at the end.  I think that is has some great messages in it that are so thought provoking, that I just had to share them....

If you haven't seen the movie, a short take on it is that is is about a man who comes across God and he tells him to build an arc.  Changes start happening to him in his looks, and his every day routine... and his family gets vey upset with him and even embarassed.  Steve Carrell is the actor, so there are lots of funny parts as well.  Well anyways,  things get too weird for his wife and she leaves... on her way to her parents she meets God as a waiter at a restuarant.  She obviously has no idea who he is, but he says some things to her that really hit me with that "Aha" moment.  Like DUH!

So, he says...

"Some may pray for more patience, but God doesn't give them more patience, he gives them the opportunity to be patient."

Or you pray to love more and instead he gives you the opportunity to love and be loved.

Maybe you pray to be more kind to others.  Instead he gives you the  opportunity to be more kind to others.

Think about it.  It makes sense, right?

How many times have you wondered why you can't be more patient with your child, your husband, your co-workers..ect.?  And the answer is sitting right there in front of you? 

I need to work on this more!  Many times I am rushing Connor to get out the door to school.  He always starts getting distracted right when it is time to put his shoes on and go!  Why do I get upset?  Three minutes extra is not going to make us late!  So why even get impatient and angry with him?  "No big deal"- that is what I need to say!  I am going to start working on that!

This time of year is always a good time to reflect of the things you could work on in your life.  Things that you might need to change, whether it is how you pray, what you pray for, the areas you want to spend more time in your day...just the way you want to better your life!

Now, I know I am not in any position to preach to anyone, but maybe next time you say a prayer for something simple like,  "more time to spend with loved ones", look deep to see where there is opportunity to spend with loved ones.  It might be easier than you think!