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Friday, May 6, 2011

My Kitchen

Good Morning!
It is chilly and wet here (again!)..although we can't complain too much since the past two days have been quite nice!  I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend for Mothers Day.  I know it won't come tonight though, since Connor is having a friend over for the night!!

Anywho.... this past saturday I woke up bright eyed and bushey tailed, ready to tackle the kitchen!  I will say, the cabinets are not finished painted yet....hopefully I will have that completed in the next few weeks! And you will just be getting a sneak peek of of it...I am waiting to show it all until the cabinets are finished! (hopefully not 6 months from now!)  One thing at a time,  my friend, one thing at a time!! :)

So anyways, I went an picked out paint... me no likey.

It was too light...didn't look right to me...
So off to the store to pick up more paint...a darker grey.  Didn't like that either.  Too dark!

You can see before, it was a light green.  This was painted during my shabby chic phase, right after we bought the house.  I painted rooms light yellows, sage greens, baby blues..all pretty colors, but I grew sick of them fast.  Loved them at the time, but they became hard for me to decorate for some reason.  I felt too glued to one look.

I also think that this is the only room in our house that hasn't been painted at least 3 times!  The kitchen is in the back of our house and it was totally out of place, color-wise.  The new paint was a welcome change!

Well since it was too dark, and the other too light..what did I do?  I mixed the two colors together!  And out came the perfect greyish brown color that is perfect!  To be honest..I wanted an all white kitchen.  And I still kinda do, but I am really liking this color. The white just felt too stale to me in there.  And the paint I got for the cupboards is antique white, so there is going to still be a lot of white in there!

So here it is.....


There's the old dough bowl from my MIL..It is so big and not too sure where it is going..but for now it is just leaned up against the wall there!  That door leads into a little 1/2 bath...and a storage room since there are NO closets downstairs!  It is a VERY long bathroom..that whole wall!  We were told it was part of a covered porch they enclosed.  It is cold in the winter in there.  The joys of owning an old home!

I love this old book page I got off Etsy with the bugs! And my two cute twin nieces!  Adorable!

I do not have the paint color name since it was mixed by myself!  Hopefully I don't ever need to re-paint a whole wall because there is not enough paint to do it! Yikes!

Hopefully I have time to paint the cabinets soon!  Once they are done, I will be sure to show you all!

Have a great Mothers Day weekend!!  We are keeping it simple with a barbecue at my Grandmas with some aunts and uncles and my Mom of course!!



  1. beautiful!! love the color- and i did the same thing as you with paints and grew sick of them to and have been changing it all!