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Saturday, February 27, 2010

I've Really Got It.....

Spring fever that is!  Today is my little guys birthday (Happy Birthday Connor!!)  and we are stuck in the house due to the terrible weather!  Ice, snow, wind...we got it all!  We will try to treck out later today, but this morning we are staying put!  He wants to go to Chuck E Cheeses.....a wonderful place to catch the swine flu!! :)  It IS his birthday though so I will just stock up with lots of hand sanitizer, I guess!  Anywho, since it is so cold outside I decided to plant some bulbs in some inside containers to bring spring indoors!  I hope it works, I never seem to have alot of luck with bulbs for some reason.  I just used paperwhites and hyacinths.  I can't wait to see them grow! 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Love Atlanta Bartlett

I love all these looks from the Atlanta Bartlett Lookbook.  I so want that table and benches for my dining room!  I also love the grouping of pictures hung there.  She is one of my favorite designers!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It couldn't come any faster.....

Hurry Up Spring.  I need you!!!   These pictures make me happy and make me feel like spring!

Photo- flickr

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today I am Loving......

Just some pics today from flickr that I am totally loving!    I love the Eurpoean Shabby Chic feeling of the last one!  And the the high back and arms on the second pictures couch.  And that first simple, so serene and so much light!  Love them all!

Happy Birthday Dad

The other day was my dads birthday.  I took him out to dinner.  Just us.  It was nice.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Grey Hutch

This is my grey cabinet that I got this past summer to hold some of my fabric.  I paid a bit more than I usually pay for a used piece of furniture- 150.00, but it was the perfect size and shape that I was looking for.  It was a decent looking dark wood, but I painted it a grey color and then heavily distressed it.  It doesn't look too distresssed but I sanded the heck out of it.  I tried to get some close up shots of the look.  It usually is a complete disaster inside of there...but the other day I took everything out and tried organizing it a bit.  It helped some, but I feel like it could look better.  Part of me wants to paint it white.....what do you think?  Should I keep it the color it is, or paint it white?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poor Min Mins

Meet Min Mins.  Connor named him.  Can you tell?  He puts up with a lot of stuff.   Here is Connor carrying him around in my husbands shirt last night.  He tolerates alot!  He bites alot too, and scratches.  He is my favorite though...(shh..don't tell the others).  There is something special about him.  We've only had him about a year,we got him when he was a wee little puffball at 5 weeks.  He was THE cutest little kitten.  At times you will think he wants you to pet him and then "OUCH"...he bites.  And he bites hard.  Does anyone know how to get a cat to quick biting?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Messy Messy Messy

I have been doing some re-arraning...and organzing and this is what is left!  I have a ton of more stuff to go through and put away yet!  (as you can tell, huh!)  Good thing we got take out tonight!


Here is a picture from one corner of my entry.  The large hook is perfect height for my little guy to hang his coat and backpack after school.  Otherwise it just ends up on the floor!  I just recovered a bench in here..more pics to come!!  Stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do You Decal?

Do you like wall decals?  I recently bought some and put them up in our family room.  I am not completely sold on them....what do you think?  I moved the loveseat in here that was in our dining room.  It toally changes the look of them, and I like them better than with the two chairs that were in there before, but.....I don't know.  I am a terrible decision maker. :)  They are supposed to come of super esy without leaving any marks.  I think I will leave them up for awhile and see......

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Exciting Night!

Did you have an exciting saturday night?  This was our night last night!  Connor loves to pull all the cushions off the couch and chairs and make a little "romper room".  He stands behind my husband and does flips and stuff.  He thinks it is so cool.  It was until I decided to do one the way he is in the picture and just about broke my back!!  :)  Not cool.  I have a bruise on my lower back form it!  No more flips for me!!  Our life is so exciting, huh!!??

Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day Weekend

                                                                Valentines Day is fast approaching.  What do you do to celebrate?  Do you do candy or flowers?  Dinner and a movie?  We don't usually do much...just a nice dinner and cards.  I recently got a Pandora bracelet for my birthday from my mom.  She got me the bracelet and my first charm- a little bird.  My husband thinks the bracelets are silly and a fad. I think they are cute and a  nice "memory bracelet" for the future.  I want each charm I get to have a story behind it and to someday hand it down to my possible future daughter or granddaughter.  I remember my grandma had an OLD charm bracelet when I was little and I LOVED looking at it!  It had so many special little pieces on there!  ANWAYS, where this long story is going is that my husband asked what I would like for Valentines day and I told him to pick out a nice charm for me that HE thought  meant something special.  He is a guys guy that doesn't do very well with those things......we shall see how it goes.  It's the thought that counts, right!? 

Have a good weekend and a nice Valentines Day.  My little guy has a three day weekend for Presidents day.  I think we are going to do some house shopping.  I have a nice TJMaxx gift card that is burning a whole in my wallet!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am loving this kitchen!!  It is perfect in every way!  I love the cabinets, the chairs and the wooden table.  I love when a dark wood is mixed in with the white and cream and even the oatmeal linen on the bench.  I have a bench almost identical to that in my dining room.  This is def. a wonderful "eat-in kitchen"!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poor Babies

Ok....I , of all people should not be scouring  I have not an ounce of control when it comes to abandoned little pups.  Take a look at these guys.  All have that face I like.  The face only a mother could love.  That last one.  He only has three legs.  Poor guy.  He is only four months old.  They all need a home, as they are living in a shelter right now.  I wish I could get one!  My husband says" absolutely no more animals!!"  If you live in Michigan and are looking for a dog check them out!  They seem so sweet!!

Deer Antlers

My husband has been begging me for *years* to put his deer up in our living room.  My answer has always been no.  I feel bad saying no, but I think they are gross.  I do not like the idea of starring at a dead animal on the wall everyday.  I *gave* him a whole spare bedroom where the walls are covered in deer heads, antlers, horns and turkeys.  I think that is sufficient don't you?  These pictures make the antlers look "almost" chic, in a way.  I guess as cool as deer antlers can look.  I do have a big white bowl full of shed antlers my husband and little boy have found in the woods.  And I think those are pretty cool. 

One thing that I think might look cool, is deet antlers for coat hooks.  I could handle that.  I wonder how I could take some on the shed ones and make them into hooks?  Hmm..

Do you think it is wrong of me to "forbid" the deer downstairs, or any other room for that matter??

***all photos via flickr***

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I need a day....

I need a day to just do this.....sometimes I wish I were a cat!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

NEVER Again!!

I will NEVER, repeat, EVER go to a circus again.  I only wish I had seen this before... is sick...and sad...and disgusting. 


I am LOVING this photo (via flickr).  I love the rustic- ness and romantic-ness (are these even words?) of it!  So simple!  So perfect!  We are dropping our little guy off at my in-laws while we head to a super bowl party this afternoon and I am hoping I can finally get my Christmas gift from her house!  She got me a HUGE, OLD,Cream. Chippy mirror that has a very ornate frame and is taller than me!  I can't wait to get it home here.  It just seems like everytime we are over her way (she is almost an hour from us) we have our car and it definitly won't fit in there!  Once I get it home, I will post pics of it!  So excited!