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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poor Babies

Ok....I , of all people should not be scouring  I have not an ounce of control when it comes to abandoned little pups.  Take a look at these guys.  All have that face I like.  The face only a mother could love.  That last one.  He only has three legs.  Poor guy.  He is only four months old.  They all need a home, as they are living in a shelter right now.  I wish I could get one!  My husband says" absolutely no more animals!!"  If you live in Michigan and are looking for a dog check them out!  They seem so sweet!!


  1. Oh now I'm all teary eyed. They are all so sweet! My husband won't let me go into any pet shops cause I want to take all of the puppies home. If I could I would!
    I hope these cuties find a good home...soon!

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  3. :( It breaks my heart...I want to be able to take care of all the puppies/dogs i come across...:(

    I'd love to invite you over to Screaming Meme...It is about decorating and me...:)

    I also have a hilarious new blog, This Family's Gone Crackers...It is a comical journey of a so called "normal" family going INSANELY gluten free...

    I hope to see you there, Meme