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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deer Antlers

My husband has been begging me for *years* to put his deer up in our living room.  My answer has always been no.  I feel bad saying no, but I think they are gross.  I do not like the idea of starring at a dead animal on the wall everyday.  I *gave* him a whole spare bedroom where the walls are covered in deer heads, antlers, horns and turkeys.  I think that is sufficient don't you?  These pictures make the antlers look "almost" chic, in a way.  I guess as cool as deer antlers can look.  I do have a big white bowl full of shed antlers my husband and little boy have found in the woods.  And I think those are pretty cool. 

One thing that I think might look cool, is deet antlers for coat hooks.  I could handle that.  I wonder how I could take some on the shed ones and make them into hooks?  Hmm..

Do you think it is wrong of me to "forbid" the deer downstairs, or any other room for that matter??

***all photos via flickr***

1 comment:

  1. i've noticed antlers everywhere lately! it's one decor trend i will certainly not be following though! :)