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Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day Weekend

                                                                Valentines Day is fast approaching.  What do you do to celebrate?  Do you do candy or flowers?  Dinner and a movie?  We don't usually do much...just a nice dinner and cards.  I recently got a Pandora bracelet for my birthday from my mom.  She got me the bracelet and my first charm- a little bird.  My husband thinks the bracelets are silly and a fad. I think they are cute and a  nice "memory bracelet" for the future.  I want each charm I get to have a story behind it and to someday hand it down to my possible future daughter or granddaughter.  I remember my grandma had an OLD charm bracelet when I was little and I LOVED looking at it!  It had so many special little pieces on there!  ANWAYS, where this long story is going is that my husband asked what I would like for Valentines day and I told him to pick out a nice charm for me that HE thought  meant something special.  He is a guys guy that doesn't do very well with those things......we shall see how it goes.  It's the thought that counts, right!? 

Have a good weekend and a nice Valentines Day.  My little guy has a three day weekend for Presidents day.  I think we are going to do some house shopping.  I have a nice TJMaxx gift card that is burning a whole in my wallet!

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  1. LOVE your pillows...they're beautiful.
    I have 2 pandora husband bought the first one for me in Salt Lake 5 years ago...the other one was bought by a friend.
    I have only purchased 2 of the charms...the rest have been's a Danish Designer which also hits home with me(Danish background)...I have gotten at least 9 girlfriends(including my sister and sister in-law) hooked on Pandora...
    HAVE a very SWEET weekend!