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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Farmers Markets and Flea Markets

Happy Saturday to all! The weather here in Michigan hasn't been too great this week! Cloudy and cold! Only 60 degrees here in August! What is up with that? I wanted to share some pics today of things from flea markets that you can make pretty! Oh- and some fresh flowers from the farm market this morning! Beautiful! I love my gladys!

See the crisp, scrolly mirror? It was ugly and gold a couple days ago. Now it has a spot on my dining room wall. All I did was tape off the mirror part and spray paint the frame a glossy white! So easy. Total from start to finish- about 11.00 bucks! That includes the price of the mirror!

Now see that stripey teal chair. I got that bad boy at a thrift store about a year ago. You'll never guess for how much?! ANy guesses?? I bet no one guess a buck. Yup- 1 smackaroos. It came in an old white leather that was all riped up and stinky. I have a great lady that does rehupolsters fabulously! I took it to her with some fabric I got at Joann's and voila! Instant change-o. She has also recovered my loveseat and my couch in a wonderful oatmeal colored linen this year and about 2 years ago two matching club chairs in a wonderful brown and white print I will have to show you guys soon! What a difference though- seriosuly! I wish I had a before pic of it. Will I ever learn?

New Dining Room Colors

So my dining room is finally almost all put together, except for a few pictures to be hung(which you can see in the pic!) Check it out. The walls are a dark gray called "serving platter". I painted most of the furniture a crisp white. They hutch used to be black and the walls a light aquaish color. I am really warming up to the dark walls. At first I HATED them!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New ETSY Banner!

SO while looking for a little shop spruce up, I came across this Etsy shop that created cute and fun banners. The shop name is Buffet, Check it out if you are looking for a cute new banner for your shop! They give you several ones to choose from for only 13.00! What a deal!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun Find!

Ahh....fridays! I love them in the summer, especially! Today I traveled about an hour to a big flea market I wanted to check out. Just me and my little guy! While there was lots of stuff there, this one I just couldn't leave. It was the only one I saw and it already came perfectly white and chippy! Just how I love things! And can you belive it only cost...get this, 6 bucks! Yippee! So I think I am going to hang it on the living room wall above a big 16 pane window that I have filled with pictures! I will post it when I decide where it is going!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

County Fair Fun

The county fair was in town this week! Always exciting for a small town! My little guy had a blast, and I tell you what, is fearless when it comes to rides! I couldn't believe he went on the Pirate Ship (alone), tilt a whirl, a spinny thing that went upside down, ect..there was nothing he wouldn't go on, and if he was tall enough, he did! Not me- my stomache can't handle those rides anymore! So here are some pics from our day at the fair. The kangaroo was so hilarious to watch- he was silly (and not too country, huh!)

Fun Bookends!

Wouldn't you love to see these whimsical bean bag bookends propping your books up on a shelf or tabletop?! They are filled with rice and make the perfect little accent to a room! You can find them at