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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodbye Good Friend..............

Today was a sad day.  We said good-bye to our dear friend Tucker, our 14 year old lab. I got him for my 15th birthday and he was a little ball of yellow fur and energy! When I moved out, he stayed at my parents and I really missed him.  Every time I went home, he was the first one I went to see and the first one to greet me. (he was an outside dog). The last few days have been hard on him and us.  It was truly heart-breaking.  For the last few weeks now we could see him deteriorating.  He was having issues walking and getting around.  Then for the last few days he wasn't eating or drinking.  My parents were feeding him whatever he wanted, just to ge something in him.  My dad, who truly, truly loved this big beast (he was 126 lbs!!!) made the very dfficult decision to have him put to sleep today.  He called the vet, crying.  My big, tough guy dad, crying over his best friends last day.  Only, we ended up not needing the vet.  This morning I made the trip to my parents house to say good-bye while they were at work.  I walked around to the back of the house, by his dog house to find him lying there, already gone.  I knelt down beside him and said "Oh Tucker, I am so sorry I missed you".... I sat next to him for awhile and talked to him.  I called my mom at work and we cried together. I picked up his massive paw and held it for a second.  He was really gone, my dog for 14 years was really gone.  I prayed all night the night before that he was die in his sleep and he did.  He was laying there, with his chin on his front paw....  So I guess my prayer was asnwered!  Connor wanted to leave some coins (his fav. thing) with Tucker.  So he laid them on his paw and my dad buried them with him. 

The hardest thing was talking to my dad after.  He broke down on the phone.  His buddy is gone.  I know he is in Doggie Heaven right now though and breathing fine and chasing a stick like he used to do!  

I took these pics 3 days befor he passed away....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Lovin'- Inspiration

Floating shelves....want lots!!A more organized work/craft area.
A full linen skirt for my bathroom sink.  Gorgeous!Gallery art similair to like black and white!A more "summer" relaxed look!!

Ahh...summer is in full swing!  The new pool just got put up and Connor is loving every minute of it!  It is almost filled up (with three days worth of water running alomst 24/7!)  Gheesh...I can only imagine our water bill this month!  Yikes.  It will be well worth it though- it keeps him from saying "I'm bored" and also is great exercise instead of playing video games.  We all enjoy it actually.  I felt like a kid in there yesterday!  So much fun!  I have some new projects around the house in mind. I just need to find time to do them instead of pillows!  Sometimes I feel like I am sewing my life away- but I love every minute of it!  These rooms give me great inspiration and ideas that I want to put in my house.  Aren't each and everyone of them great!!? 

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Whew...this week flew by with so much going on!  We are now just going to be heading to the Farmers Market, where it is kids day!  The weather is HOT- going to be in the 90's today....but the market is right by the lake, so I am hoping it is a bit cooler there!  I haven't had much time to work on things around the house with pillows and Connor home everyday now!  He has decided that he is NOT going to summer should be interesting.  I have a feeling he will regret it half way through summer, once I bore him enough!  I did get this big picture made.  I went with black and white.  I love black and white pics.  I think everyone looks good in black and white pictures.  He was up in a tree in the pic and I love how the background looks.  I had the old frame for years now- I think it is 20x30.  I painted it white and voila!  I still haven't hung it up though....need to find the right place!  Well we are off....hope you all have a great weekend and a great fathers day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hatchets Festival

This weekend was filled with fun! (and 1-2 meltdowns).  We had a festival in town which of course brings in lots of animals.  I wish I would have gotten more pics..but I was too busy feeding them carrots and icecream cones filled with food pellets!  They were so cute.  I love the little baby goat climbing all over the lamb like it was a mountain!  The lamb kept pushing hm off with his head and he would just bounce right back up there!  It was too adorable!  The the fuzzy alpaca was quite the character.  He was very aggressive with the other animals when food was around...growling and pushing them with his head.  He wanted it all to himself.  But he was so darn cute!  I want an alpaca, I think!  They are so soft!  Connor had loads of fun on the bouncy games they had (no pics, dumb me!) and also watching the "wrestling" matches they had.  Talk about bad acting......It was a nice weekend..the rain held off too which was a plus!  Now today is for making some pillows and getting caught up on some more pillows!  We have a super busy week with a dentists appointments..bocce ball tournaments...and a trip over an hour away for some specific fabric!  Yikes.  It is also Connors first week of summer vacation!  Hope you all had a good weekend as well!  Tootaloo!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Loveliness

It's friday!  And also the last day of school for Connor.... Oh, how I wish I could just sit in silence for the next three hours (he gets out at 11:30), instead of making pillows!  Ugh...I must get caught up!  I am over 200 pillows behind right now!  When my pillows were on GMA, I sold over 200 in 2 days!  So I have alot of catching up to do and on top of that all the orders that were placed before that and after that! Yikes!  I am not complaining though- it is a great thing, just a little overwhelming at times!  This weekend is a fun festival here in my little town I live in!  I noticed yesterday that they are setting up all the food vendors and tents.  It is a lot of fun for the kids...tons of those blow-up bouncy games and loads of sugary treats.  They usually have fireworks at night, but I have just found out that they are not doing them this year which really bums me out.  It really is a fun night!  My mom is coming tonight and staying the night at our house.  She only lives 1/2 an hour away and never gets to stay the night- Connor thinks it is so cool for her to do that so she said she would tonight!  Oh- and the circus is in town... (I am not sure how I feel about the circus- it's along story----but it has to do with animal abuse---)  ANYWHO.....I thought I would share some random pictures that I thought were just lovely...enjoy your weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Fun

Last night, as my husband worked late, Connor and I had some picture fun in the backyard.  I look at these pictures and it makes me sad.  Sad that he is growing up so fast.  He looks so big in these pictures.  I cannot believe he is 8 already!  Where does the time go, really!  His face is changing, his hands, his legs....he no longer has the chubby little baby hands...his legs have muscles...real muscles.  Gheesh.  I. Need. A. Baby!!!  I know God will give us a baby when the time is right...I guess right now is not the right time.....I wish it was though.  I have accepted the fact that we probably need some medical intervention in order to have another one.  And I just am not quite ready for that right now.  My husband and I talked the other day and we are probably going to give it 6 more months of trying.  We have tried 3 years now!  And yes, we have been through tests..nothing unusual came frustrating! sob story is done...I plan on enjoying summer with my little boy..who is no longer little....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Storage Ideas/Craft Rooms

Happy Monday!  My little guy is on his last week of school......this summer should be interesting.  He is getting older and harder to occupy his time.  I am signing him up for summer camp this week.  It is at our parks and rec and they do alot of fun activities.  It is Mon-Fri from 9-2 for 6 weeks this summer. He is looking forward to it, as some of his friends are going as well.  It will also keep my sanity! :) 

Well, of all things that I need this summer, is organization.  My fabric is taking over the house and something needs to be done about it!  My goal this summer is to find a really neat/old storage cabinet to hold some MORE fabric.  I bought one last year and it is jam packed already.  Aren't these rooms just darling for crafts/sewing!  I wish I had one of these in my house!!  I really should convert our spare bedroom into one.....maybe *another* summer project.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lovely Rooms.....

It is rainy here AGAIN and I am getting busting on pillows after having food poisoning for a few days....yuck!!  I was searching for some pretty rooms for inspiration.  I feel like I need to lighten up a bit more for summer.  These rooms are so pretty!! 

all images flickr

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10 Years Gone....

So, saturday I had my 10 year high school reunion.  Yuck.  I can't believe I have been out of school that long!  It was great to see everyone that showed up though!  It is so funny how little everyone has changed! Here is two of my best friends, Becky and Nicole (and me!)  We still talk every week and tell eachother everything.  Once a year 5 of us get together for a fun weekend get-away and talk, talk ,talk and play silly is alot of fun!  It gets harder and harder every year though as we all are married now and starting families and such.  We manage to find a way though!  I think it keeps our friendship strong to be able to do that every year.  I hope we continue for another 50 years!