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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Fun

Last night, as my husband worked late, Connor and I had some picture fun in the backyard.  I look at these pictures and it makes me sad.  Sad that he is growing up so fast.  He looks so big in these pictures.  I cannot believe he is 8 already!  Where does the time go, really!  His face is changing, his hands, his legs....he no longer has the chubby little baby hands...his legs have muscles...real muscles.  Gheesh.  I. Need. A. Baby!!!  I know God will give us a baby when the time is right...I guess right now is not the right time.....I wish it was though.  I have accepted the fact that we probably need some medical intervention in order to have another one.  And I just am not quite ready for that right now.  My husband and I talked the other day and we are probably going to give it 6 more months of trying.  We have tried 3 years now!  And yes, we have been through tests..nothing unusual came frustrating! sob story is done...I plan on enjoying summer with my little boy..who is no longer little....


  1. I will ask the Baby Angel Fairy...we have Angels for everything in our House. :-)
    I can only imagine the heart-ache as I have a handful of friends who have either adopted or given up...your baby will come...
    Your boy is gorgeous.SUCH energy!
    BIG hugs.x.

  2. Love the photos....

    I know it can get frustrating and difficult, but it will happen.

  3. Thanks Char! I need all the prayers I can get in this situation! Connor says his prayers every night and always asks for a baby in my stomach! Breaks my heart! I know it will happen someday..I have faith in that! :)

  4. oooooh these photos are darling and so fun! please keep on smiling! enjoy your time with your little one now and just keep having faith that your next baby will come someday and it will be all the more special.

    sending you plenty of sunshine to dry your tears and warm your heart!