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Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Loveliness

It's friday!  And also the last day of school for Connor.... Oh, how I wish I could just sit in silence for the next three hours (he gets out at 11:30), instead of making pillows!  Ugh...I must get caught up!  I am over 200 pillows behind right now!  When my pillows were on GMA, I sold over 200 in 2 days!  So I have alot of catching up to do and on top of that all the orders that were placed before that and after that! Yikes!  I am not complaining though- it is a great thing, just a little overwhelming at times!  This weekend is a fun festival here in my little town I live in!  I noticed yesterday that they are setting up all the food vendors and tents.  It is a lot of fun for the kids...tons of those blow-up bouncy games and loads of sugary treats.  They usually have fireworks at night, but I have just found out that they are not doing them this year which really bums me out.  It really is a fun night!  My mom is coming tonight and staying the night at our house.  She only lives 1/2 an hour away and never gets to stay the night- Connor thinks it is so cool for her to do that so she said she would tonight!  Oh- and the circus is in town... (I am not sure how I feel about the circus- it's along story----but it has to do with animal abuse---)  ANYWHO.....I thought I would share some random pictures that I thought were just lovely...enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. Girl, you are like a whirlwind of cuteness just blowing through! Over 200 pillows!! Wow!!! I know I would be overwhelmed, but that is so awesome! Sounds like the fun festival will still be hehehe, fun! My mom is planning a little sleepover soon and I can't wait! We always have such a fun time when she comes over.
    Loving your random eye candy!!

    Enjoy your weekend!