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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Lovin'- Inspiration

Floating shelves....want lots!!A more organized work/craft area.
A full linen skirt for my bathroom sink.  Gorgeous!Gallery art similair to like black and white!A more "summer" relaxed look!!

Ahh...summer is in full swing!  The new pool just got put up and Connor is loving every minute of it!  It is almost filled up (with three days worth of water running alomst 24/7!)  Gheesh...I can only imagine our water bill this month!  Yikes.  It will be well worth it though- it keeps him from saying "I'm bored" and also is great exercise instead of playing video games.  We all enjoy it actually.  I felt like a kid in there yesterday!  So much fun!  I have some new projects around the house in mind. I just need to find time to do them instead of pillows!  Sometimes I feel like I am sewing my life away- but I love every minute of it!  These rooms give me great inspiration and ideas that I want to put in my house.  Aren't each and everyone of them great!!? 

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