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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hatchets Festival

This weekend was filled with fun! (and 1-2 meltdowns).  We had a festival in town which of course brings in lots of animals.  I wish I would have gotten more pics..but I was too busy feeding them carrots and icecream cones filled with food pellets!  They were so cute.  I love the little baby goat climbing all over the lamb like it was a mountain!  The lamb kept pushing hm off with his head and he would just bounce right back up there!  It was too adorable!  The the fuzzy alpaca was quite the character.  He was very aggressive with the other animals when food was around...growling and pushing them with his head.  He wanted it all to himself.  But he was so darn cute!  I want an alpaca, I think!  They are so soft!  Connor had loads of fun on the bouncy games they had (no pics, dumb me!) and also watching the "wrestling" matches they had.  Talk about bad acting......It was a nice weekend..the rain held off too which was a plus!  Now today is for making some pillows and getting caught up on some more pillows!  We have a super busy week with a dentists appointments..bocce ball tournaments...and a trip over an hour away for some specific fabric!  Yikes.  It is also Connors first week of summer vacation!  Hope you all had a good weekend as well!  Tootaloo!

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