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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Fun

Hello! So you all know that we headed to the circus over the weekend...I thought I'd share a few pictures! Also, the picture of Connors school project to make a "model" of a local business/resturant. He went with his favorite- Pizza Hut. I think it turned out pretty good for a 2nd grader! (and some help from mom!) :) He got 100% on it! He was thrilled!

Today in FREEZING in the thumb of michigan. Tonight will be below zero and tomorrow a high of 10 degrees! Yippee.... Spring is calling! I am sooo getting spring fever and can't wait to be able to open windows , hear the birds chirping and run outside without a coat, hat and gloves! Oh well, it will come soon enough and we will then be complaining of the heat and humity! ;o

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello Year 28!

Hello! Well I welcomed my 28th birthday this weekend! I have to say, it wasn't bad! (turning 28 and all) It didn't hurt at all! :) My husband and little guy went to the circus...rode some elephants, had dinner with my parents and relaxed at home! It was a nice weekend to have a birthday! I even made it to the gym with my friend Becky on my birthday morning! (Now that is what I call hard core dedication!) :) Although I am really not feeling like going to this morning! Ugh...I need more motivation today!
The pictures above all make me happy. I am finding I am loving a more eclectic look nowadays. I love when old, chippiy pieces are paired with new, modern pieces. It makes the rooms look so well loved and lived in. I am going to start taking some stuff out of my rooms and going more simple, I think. I LOVE collections, I am not a sparse decorator! I love my things. For instance, that shelf in the 2nd picture. Most people, with all those things, would put that stuff on some shelfs and it would look like junk and clutter. They make it look beautiful! They make it look like a wonderful display area. I just love it!
Ok, ok...I guess it is time to motivate. I am going to change into my gym clothes and go before I feel even more not like going! Have a great day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Funnies

Hello Friday! What a joy it is the weekend! My birthday is tomorrow...28..blah! I think that as I am in close grasp to 30, I have found that I don't so much mind getting older. I feel priviledged that I am able to celebrate another birthday! There are many, many people who never even make it this far, and I have decided to truly celebrate every year that God gives me! One more year older means that I get to learn more, I get to see my little boy grow more, I get to experience more, see more, laugh more, cry more...the list could go on and on! So this weekend we are going to the circus! I have mixed feelings on circuses...and how they treat (supposedly) the animals and such...but my little guy is the perfect age to enjoy it! In a few years he would think it is "lame" to go with us, so we better go now!

This picture above makes me laugh. I got it as an e-mail and there are other pics that go along with it, but I think it's funny. The poor guy is a wild animal photographer and he had a lovely visitor that was obviously not invited! Look how he is peeking over the truck for him! The last picture was a close call of the bear chasing him and he is jumping into the truck! I love how his buddy is probably laughing and snapping pictures of the incident! I picture the bear as the number 28 (my age tomorrow) and me as the guy peeking at it and unsure! :) "28- saying "You can't hide, Deanna! Come out come out wherever you are!" Oh well....I hope you all have a great weekend! I am off to the gym (my birthday present to me! I bought a month membership to drop these pesky 10lbs. I can't shake!) Week one done!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eye Candy

Just some eye candy today. That's it! :)

**all images from flickr- decorology

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chalkboard Walls

I love them....I am thinking of doing one in my kitchen once I get the cabinets finished up. I have one wall in there, in mind, that I think it would look neat on. If I am brave enough, I will try it. took me 5 years to finally paint the cabinets! (I can hear my mother now..."Deanna! Those were beautiful oak cabinets!" She loves wood. She has not been over yet to see them even primed. :) I love them more already!

Hope you had a great monday! I am off to help my 7 year old finish his Pizza Hut model he had to make for school. Can you believe a 2nd grader had to make a business model? 2nd grade! Who does moost of the work there now?! Hmm....

**picture via decorology from flickr

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've done it!

I've taken the plunge! I have finally did it! I started priming our kitchen cabinets last night! Whew! I got one wall of them done and primed! I still have alot left to do, but I am just going to slowly tackle this project when time allows! Just the primer alone makes the whole kitchen look different! I even ordered some oval crystal knobs online last night! I can't wait to get them! I will post some pics over the next few days of the process! This may be a month long job, but I know it will def. be worth it!

Picture from traditional home**

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Around the House Part 2

Here are some more photos I took of little spots around my house! There is my cat Molly- laying in her favorite spot in the dining room window. She will sleep there all day, until the sun goes down! And some of my old books...I used to have a lot of reds in my house, but not anymore. I love reds, but tend to grow sick of colors really fast, therefore most of my neutrals make it easier to switch out fabrics for colors and such! There is an old window propped on my dresser in the bedroom and some black and white pictures in simple black frames set up next to my little sewing spot.
I can't believe tomorrow is friday already! Yea! What a fast week! I can't help but be thinking about the poor people in Haiti! What a complete disaster. I cannot imagine everything being taken away from you so quickly. I hope they get the help they need to pull through this! if you are able to , please help!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Around the House

Glassware on my fabric cabinet.

Hutch in the dining room. I painted it white, it was black. I like it soo much better.

Chippy stool in our bathroom.

Shelf in the bathroom.

Shelf in living room.

Hello Wednesday! I took some random pictures of little spaces around my house yesterday that I thought I would share! I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet Nothings

I love pictures of just random things...overlooked things. I found some of these beautiful pictures of some overlooked areas when I was scouring flickr the other night . I hope you like them! I think they are all beautiful!
**all images via decorology at flickr

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Look

Hello! Happy Sunday! I am busy cleaning and trying to catch up on my etsy shop orders ( Hubby is gone at a charity poker tournament. How is that the case? No- he told me to come, but I heard that it is "boys only" from a friend, so I thought I better not intrude! It supports a local schools sports department, and they usually get about 100 people out there with a 100.00 buy in, so I guess it is all good!
I am getting spring fever already! I know, I know...we have a couple months to go yet. But I love the look of this room. It is causal, yet elegant. Cozy, yet very airy feeling. What name would you put on this look?

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Isn't this color combo just perfect! I love the greyish creamy color with the aqua/tuquoise background! I recently painted my hutch in the dining room white and I have dark grey walls in there. All the other furniture is white and I am thinking of painting the background of the hutch a fun color like this! I am stuck on colors though! ANy ideas? Do you think a blusih/aqua color would look good? The only other accent color I have in there is a yellow and it is VERY minimal. Just lots of white, silver,grey and black. Hmm...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lovely Beds

It's friday! Ahh.....a long sigh of relief. It is a cold and snowy friday and all I wanted to do this morning is stay in bed and stay warm! Unfortunately, I had to get out of bed to get my little boy dressed and ready for school! These beds all look so nice and comfy, don't you think!? The last picture of the tiny bedroom with the squishy looking bed is right up my alley! I could sink into that bed all day and snuggle with my boys!
I do have a VERY long list of pillows to make I should probably get off this darn computer and get on the sewing machine instead! (Hey- it is only 9:30 and I already got one done!) I am thinking school might be called off early today- it is quite nasty out! Well, I hope you all have a great day!
**all images via decorology

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I am sad. I am mad. I am confused. I normally am a very private person, when it comes to private matters, but now I am looking for advice, or other stories similiar to mine. So please be gently, pretty please! :) It's actually pretty simple. I. Cannot. Get. Pregnant. I don't know why, noone knows why. Actually let me back track a minute. I can get pregnant. But I miscarry. Also, it takes about 16 months for me to get pregnant. Both times I miscarried in the 10th week. Yes, we do have a fabulous little boy, but we despertely want to add to our little family. It does not feel complete.

Now I am not looking for sympathy, or anything like that. I understand that we just may not be in store for another baby this way or at this time. I trust that God will give us a baby when it is our time, and that is the only thing that helps. It just seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant, or trying to get pregnant. Don't get me wrong, though. I AM super happy for them, beause I know how happy they will be for me when it finally happens for us! I just need answers. That is the part that wears on me the most, I think. My husbands been checked, I've been checked, both time I miscarried, the tissues were sent for testing. Nothing. No answers. has anyone out there tried anything "natural" to help boost fertility? I am wanting to try something like that now. I already take a slew of vitamins. Ugh. I hate taking pills.

Anywways, I am just down today and needed to vent. It is just so frustrating. I really thought I was pregnant this month and then "POW", your body just ain't having it! It is such a letdown every month, after month, after month. It has been over 2 years. And yes, I know plenty of people try for longer than that, much longer. Hmmm...ok....I am done. Done. Thanks so much for listening!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Loving This!

I am loving this look! It is so simple and covers alot of looks that I enjoy! I love the crystal chandelier and the industrial feel of the lamp and chairs. I even like the chocolate brown/olivey walls! I also love how sparse it is (soooo unlike my house!). Look at how great that one blueprint looks on the easel. So easy! I think for 2010, I never to organize, organize, organize. My etsy shop has my spare bedroom overflowing with fabric and materials. Alot of it ends up all over, wherever I decide to do my cutting and such. I bought lots of baskets and other organizational tools that I just need to put to use! Come on willpower! Do your job!
CHEERS to 2010!