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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Funnies

Hello Friday! What a joy it is the weekend! My birthday is tomorrow...28..blah! I think that as I am in close grasp to 30, I have found that I don't so much mind getting older. I feel priviledged that I am able to celebrate another birthday! There are many, many people who never even make it this far, and I have decided to truly celebrate every year that God gives me! One more year older means that I get to learn more, I get to see my little boy grow more, I get to experience more, see more, laugh more, cry more...the list could go on and on! So this weekend we are going to the circus! I have mixed feelings on circuses...and how they treat (supposedly) the animals and such...but my little guy is the perfect age to enjoy it! In a few years he would think it is "lame" to go with us, so we better go now!

This picture above makes me laugh. I got it as an e-mail and there are other pics that go along with it, but I think it's funny. The poor guy is a wild animal photographer and he had a lovely visitor that was obviously not invited! Look how he is peeking over the truck for him! The last picture was a close call of the bear chasing him and he is jumping into the truck! I love how his buddy is probably laughing and snapping pictures of the incident! I picture the bear as the number 28 (my age tomorrow) and me as the guy peeking at it and unsure! :) "28- saying "You can't hide, Deanna! Come out come out wherever you are!" Oh well....I hope you all have a great weekend! I am off to the gym (my birthday present to me! I bought a month membership to drop these pesky 10lbs. I can't shake!) Week one done!


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