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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Fun

Hello! So you all know that we headed to the circus over the weekend...I thought I'd share a few pictures! Also, the picture of Connors school project to make a "model" of a local business/resturant. He went with his favorite- Pizza Hut. I think it turned out pretty good for a 2nd grader! (and some help from mom!) :) He got 100% on it! He was thrilled!

Today in FREEZING in the thumb of michigan. Tonight will be below zero and tomorrow a high of 10 degrees! Yippee.... Spring is calling! I am sooo getting spring fever and can't wait to be able to open windows , hear the birds chirping and run outside without a coat, hat and gloves! Oh well, it will come soon enough and we will then be complaining of the heat and humity! ;o

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  1. The circus looks fun! My boys love those guys in the big ball on the motorcycles. Your pillows are so pretty (I was at your Etsy Shop, then came here) Great to find your blog! ~ Kim