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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello Year 28!

Hello! Well I welcomed my 28th birthday this weekend! I have to say, it wasn't bad! (turning 28 and all) It didn't hurt at all! :) My husband and little guy went to the circus...rode some elephants, had dinner with my parents and relaxed at home! It was a nice weekend to have a birthday! I even made it to the gym with my friend Becky on my birthday morning! (Now that is what I call hard core dedication!) :) Although I am really not feeling like going to this morning! Ugh...I need more motivation today!
The pictures above all make me happy. I am finding I am loving a more eclectic look nowadays. I love when old, chippiy pieces are paired with new, modern pieces. It makes the rooms look so well loved and lived in. I am going to start taking some stuff out of my rooms and going more simple, I think. I LOVE collections, I am not a sparse decorator! I love my things. For instance, that shelf in the 2nd picture. Most people, with all those things, would put that stuff on some shelfs and it would look like junk and clutter. They make it look beautiful! They make it look like a wonderful display area. I just love it!
Ok, ok...I guess it is time to motivate. I am going to change into my gym clothes and go before I feel even more not like going! Have a great day!


  1. Love your blog. Stumbled upon it today and was so inspired. Keep up the good work:)

  2. OMG - I ADORE the top picture! Now I really need to spruce up my office space. :)