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Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Today is so blah!
Grey skies..cold wind..grey skies..bitter cold..grey skies! He's got the idea doesn't he!?

Ugh. Grey skies!  Where is spring?  I feel like every time Easter is approaching, the weather gets cold.  I remember wearing sleeveless dresses and NO coat for Easter when I was little.  So much for global warming....  I just need sunshine.  Sunshine makes me happy!

Connor only has four days of school this week.  No school for Good Friday.  He has been thinking that Easter is like a mini Christmas for some reason.  He wants this Gazuds thing that is a bubble gun that blows of suds...and 3-D DS and a bowling bowl..and and a 50.00 Itunes card.  Nice.

My mother in law gave me this the other day!

It's one of those OLD bread bowls.  It is really cool and has such great patina!

Connor thinks it's a mini boat. 

Not too sure what I am going to do with it.. right now it has pillows in it!  Go figure!

I got this in the mail today too!

A cute tin globe!  It's old and denty...just how I like it!

I have become obsessed with them lately!  I am slowly growing my colllection! 

What are your Easter plans?  We have dinner at my parents..always lots of yummy food!  I should go attend to my pillows.  Still lots and lots of sewing to do!

Have a great day!


  1. Hello! Here in Greece it is dreary too! That is a BIG bread bowl! I'd put pillows in it too! :)

  2. I know, right! She said she got it a an antique store and they told her it was very, very old...I find it interesting and cool that people used to knead dough in it!

  3. That first picture is adorable and pretty much sums up the weather here, a great time to sleep and be cozy! The bread bowl and globe are beautiful and too funny that he fits in the bowl!!
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter as well. :)