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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Few Favorites..


How was your weekend?  I've got some new things to show you.. in a few days, once I get some good pictures and my computer working.  I am on my husbands right now..mine seems to have a weird thing going on with it and I can't get into anything on there... so please be patient!

I made new (again) curtains for my dining room, in an adorable grey and white chipper print fabric. I got my new rugs in the living room and family room, and got my 2 chairs back that I had reupolstered in my new favorite fabric--- dropcloths!!  After they are washed, they are just fabulous!  I made new living room curtains out the them too, and love them!  Spring has sprung!  Well, not quite here in Michigan..still quite cold, but looking up!

So for today I just have some favorite pictures that were saved on my hubbies computer a long time ago!  I looked through them and had forgotten all about how great some were...and how inspiring the rooms were and how they make me want to make similiar changes in my home!

Enjoy the inspiration!!

I love the pooch above.  I have always wanted an english bulldog!  Someday!

Hope you all have a great day!


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