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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brick Walls...And Fixed Teeth


I wish I had before and after pictures to show you, but someone wouldn't let me take them...

Anyways, Connors teeth are fixed and they turned out sooo good!  He started with one half a tooth and one dorito-like shaped, or vampiresque like tooth.  Yesterday after school he ended with two, perfect, like new teeth!  He was soo happy and just kept looking in the mirror, shocked that they could fix them that good!  Relief!

On a different note- Do you like brick walls in homes?  I do! I do!

I have always loved the look and the interest they give a room.  This one has been a fav. of mine for a long time.  I love the mix of styles.

And then this cool in a bathroom!

I love the rug!

My house does not have any brick...but I am not sure it would look right in my house!  So there are no brick walls in the future for me! :(  But I love to look!

Hope you have a great day!  I am making pillows and have a dinner date with my mom!



  1. I have a brick wall in my dining room and love it!

  2. I love brick walls! We have thought about trying to put a brick wall with an arched opening in our basement (someday, when we get around to finishing it).

  3. I love the walls and wish I had at least one!! I am so glad that his teeth are all fixed! It sounded like you had an interesting week, poor guy. I hope you are feeling better as well. :)

    Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and visits. :)

  4. Ooh, the brick walls do look stylish. Anyway, congrats to Connor on getting his teeth fixed. Seriously, a little thing like that can do a lot of good. I hope he has fun and takes care of his two new teeth!

    -Bradley Bedell