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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Evan Almighty

Hello friends!

No decorating ideas, or inspiration pictures today!  Sorry!  But I have alot I want to share with you.

First, have you ever seen the movie Evan Almighty?  It is one of my favorites and Connor loves it too!  I have seen it at least 5-6 times and it always makes me tear up at the end.  I think that is has some great messages in it that are so thought provoking, that I just had to share them....

If you haven't seen the movie, a short take on it is that is is about a man who comes across God and he tells him to build an arc.  Changes start happening to him in his looks, and his every day routine... and his family gets vey upset with him and even embarassed.  Steve Carrell is the actor, so there are lots of funny parts as well.  Well anyways,  things get too weird for his wife and she leaves... on her way to her parents she meets God as a waiter at a restuarant.  She obviously has no idea who he is, but he says some things to her that really hit me with that "Aha" moment.  Like DUH!

So, he says...

"Some may pray for more patience, but God doesn't give them more patience, he gives them the opportunity to be patient."

Or you pray to love more and instead he gives you the opportunity to love and be loved.

Maybe you pray to be more kind to others.  Instead he gives you the  opportunity to be more kind to others.

Think about it.  It makes sense, right?

How many times have you wondered why you can't be more patient with your child, your husband, your co-workers..ect.?  And the answer is sitting right there in front of you? 

I need to work on this more!  Many times I am rushing Connor to get out the door to school.  He always starts getting distracted right when it is time to put his shoes on and go!  Why do I get upset?  Three minutes extra is not going to make us late!  So why even get impatient and angry with him?  "No big deal"- that is what I need to say!  I am going to start working on that!

This time of year is always a good time to reflect of the things you could work on in your life.  Things that you might need to change, whether it is how you pray, what you pray for, the areas you want to spend more time in your day...just the way you want to better your life!

Now, I know I am not in any position to preach to anyone, but maybe next time you say a prayer for something simple like,  "more time to spend with loved ones", look deep to see where there is opportunity to spend with loved ones.  It might be easier than you think!


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  1. Great post! Wonderful reminder to take each opportunity to practice patience...something I really need to do!