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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh What A Week...


We have had quite a week around here...whew.  Connor has been on spring break all week...he went to a spring break day camp that the Parks and Rec had here for kids 6-12 and had a blast.  It was everyday from 9-3, which gave us a nice break and he wasn't so bored since we were not going anywhere this year.  That was, until tursday when I got a call that he had fallen and broke BOTh his front teeth. 
Two big, front permanent teeth.
So one emergency trip to the dentist and he is feeling a bit better.  He had a bloody nose..and a big flat bloody lip and was holding a little medicine cup with his two teeth.
We go back on tuesday to fix the rest of the damage!
Then last night was supposed to be pizza and movie night and I came down with a terrible headache and terrible nausea.  No pizza or movie for me. :(

We were supposed to go shopping today for some new spring clothes for Connor but we are now going to go tomorrow, hubby went a poker tournament, I still don't feel great!  But on the bright side, we have some beeeaautiful spring weather today! 

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. oh man! what a bummer about the teeth, but at least he is ok and it can be fixed. :)

  2. oh no! When I was 8 I was pushed by another kid, broke one front tooth in half, and had to have a fake one put in. It haunted me my whole life, I am now 30 and I just literally last month while in the States got crowns on both front teeth, so that you can't really tell the difference when I smile. It cost me a fortune since I don't have insurance, but my self-esteem went up. Poor little guy. I know how he feels! :( I hope you get better soon too. I have allergies this time of year and am really suffering with sneezes and runny eyes!! On a good note for me, I also opened an Etsy shop this week! I will let you know soon the name, just let me put some more items in stock!! :)

  3. Yes! Please share the name! He is doing much better! Goes back to the dentist tommorrow to fix them up! He did mention root canals and crowns went sent poor Connor into a little tailspin!

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  5. ) I had a root canal too on my chipped tooth. It took many visits to the dentists back when I was in high school! NOT good times! OK, the name is SeaSamAmb. Tell me what you think, because I am nervous! I am also going to start a blog similar to yours because you have really inspired me, and it's kinda like having a diary of your life, dontcha think?! haha! :)

  6. Yes! I do indeed! :) I am going to check it out right now!