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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love Me Some Globes...


My computer is at the computer doctors....seeing if it can get fixed.  I really, really hope that they can at least get my pictures off of there, b/c I would be LOST without them!!  I have hundreds and hundreds..and stupidly never saved them elsewhere.  Ugh.  My husband was nice enough to leave his laptop with me today again!

Anyways, I have a new major obsession.  Globes.  I have for a little while and am slowly accumulating a few of them.  5 to be exact.  And one on it's way that I won on Ebay this weekend!  Eventually I want like 50!  Ok..maybe not that many, I'm not that greedy, but I would like a few more.  I also really want a black one.. but they are quite more expensive for some reason.  I can't wait to check out garage sales and flea markets this summer to see if I can find any!

Aren't they lovely in a group...

And sitting alone they are beautiful.

And quite educational...Connor loves looking at them and the different countries! 

What are you into recently?  Anything new?