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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cozy Beds...

With spring right around the corner *fingers crossed* I find myself lingering more in bed when I get the chance!  Pretty soon the weather will turn warmer and lazing around in bed isn't as cozy then!

I love all these rooms and the coziness about them.  They all make you want to jump in, snuggle up and stay awhile!

Love the brick wall behind this one and the brown and blue color scheme.

Probably my fav bedroom- EVER-  Love everything about it.  Wouldn't change a thing!!

Pottery Barn has a way to make any bed look comfy!

Love this!  The Chipper print pillows, the grey and white..the little poufs at the chairs! Swoon!

And lastly Restoration Hardware.  Love it.
The End.


Ps- My rug is supposed to be delivered today!!!  So excited to see it in person! 


  1. really cozy! I want my house to look like that, thanks for more inspiration!!! btw, some of my earlier comments came up as maritsakatsamba, that's me, i don't know why my mom's name was showing! :)

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