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Monday, February 21, 2011

I Heart TJ Maxx


So this weekend you know I said we were taking Connor to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday..we did and I couldn't help but go into TJ Maxx while there, since it is literally 2 seconds away from Chucks.  I had a gift card from Christmas still...that I actually lost (think it got thrown away in the wrapping paper jumble.)  But they happily were able to cancel that one and get me a new one!  Wahoo!  So...while there were MANY things I wanted there, once I saw this, I knew it had to come home with me! 

Isn't it lovely!  I really wish I could have gotten both, but we had the car and two other kids in tow.  We litterally packed the kiddos in like sardines in the back seat and fit this baby in there with them! Ha!  After I bought it and got it in the car, I ran back in to see if they would possible hold the other one for me (remember I live an hour away!) and thought I could make it back there next weekend, but a lady had it already in line to buy it!!  What a bummer!  Going back in wasn't all a loss though, I got two cute shirts!  Clothes there are so reasonable.  14.99 each.  What a steal!

It reminds me so much of the chairs at Restoration Hardware for 400.00 plus!

How was your weekend?



  1. Beautiful chair, too bad another lady had the other one...that always happens to me!