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Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Rooms I LOVE!

I love all of these rooms. And I guess it shows my love of all different styles. I love shabby chic, industrial, cottage, rustic, eclectic...the list goes on and on! All of these rooms have that coziness I like, without being overly cluttered and clausterphobic! (sp)? Aren't those bird cages from the bed just the best?! And that cabinet in the bathroom? Perfect for holding towels and such! I love how the ottoman is fraying and so imperfect- just how I like it! And in that bedroom- look at all those mismatched shutters! How neat is that!? I also love that chair in that room too! The last picture is just lovely! The white painted floors, the white hutch, the little skirts on the chairs- too cute! What is your favorite decorating style? I don't know if I could choose! Mine changes on a monthly basis! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?

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