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Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey! It is finally friday! I cann't wait to go to the farmers market tomorrow and see what kind of goodies I stumble upon! If I find anything worth sharing, I will post pics! Yesterday, I did find something really neat- and FREE! My mother and I were on the way to take my little guy to the fair and there, on the side of the road is an old drop leaf table with a "free" sign on it! What? No one even picked it up yet with all the traffic from the fair? I got out of the car to check it out and all that was the matter with it was a wabbly little spindle! Geez. Nothing a tightened screw or a bit of wood glue won't fix! Now my mom, she thinks it is just so embarrasing to pick up someone elses garbage, but she helped me put it in the back! I will get some pics of it today and maybe post it here. It is a really old, ivory, with gold around te edges. I think I might paint it white..or black...or a fun color and put it on my covered porch. Hmm....decisions, decisions!

I will leave you with some pillow and bean bag bookends! Enjoy!

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