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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today is cold, wet, and very stormy!  It feels more like November than May!  I almost missed my little boys spring concert this morning.  Yes, I forgot about it until I dropped him off for school this morning and saw the parking lot filling up quickly.  It then sparked my memory!  Ugh..I felt like a terrible mom!  I sped home, got ready really, really quick (i.e- washed my face, brushed my teeth and threw on some make-up!) and got back to the school within 20 minutes!  Whew...luckily I made it- they had Connor front and center this time!  He spotted me and had a huge smile across his face.  I met up with him after the concert for a second and he said he was sad because he didn't think I remembered!  Aw...anyways, I am glad I made it there on time!  I could just picture him searching and searching for me in the audience and not finding me! :(  How sad.  ANyway....I think my cat has the right idea today- NAP!  I wish.

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  1. So glad everything worked out! Kitty does have the right idea, napping is oh so good for the soul!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

    Sending you lazy cupcakes!!