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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Image of the Day...

First off....whew...we had quite the night last night!  Our little Inge dog went missing (got out of the fenced backyard somehow) and we couldn't fine him anywhere!  This was about 4:00.  Then about 7:00 I hear from someone that saw him down by the Rite-Aide... which is about 7 blocks away, across the main  road.  Nuts.  I freak out thinking he is going to get hit and jump in the car (again) to go looking for him (again).  We called animal control, the police station, the local radio station.  Nothing.  So we call it a night of looking.  We wake up this morning.  No dog.  Sad. :(  I take Connor to school, get home and the phone rings.  It is our vet and someone brought in Inge! Yippee!  When my husband talked to the policeman, he said that today there were 3 other missing dogs.  Must be something in the air!  Needless to say, Connor was psyched when he got home from school and Inge was here! 

Bad dog. But we are happy to have him home!

Anyways, this picture is one of my favs.  Just love it!


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  1. I am so glad that someone brought him there and he was returned safely to you!! :) Love the image!