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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craving Color...


So, lately, I don't know if it is just spring fever or what, but I have been craving lots and lots of color and pattern.  Which is so different than where I was last year!  I am nervous to take the leap to more color, but every picture I see that I like, makes me want to bring more into my rooms.  I still like the white(ish) walls and such, but want to bring more color in through pillows, rugs, lamps..ect...

Take a look at these rooms.  They are some of my favorites, in the way they bring in color with accessories in just the right dose!

birch and bird living room above

Aren't they fun and happy rooms?  While I LOVE the all white and monochromatic look, for some reason I am now drawn to more color and they make me feel good.  And I want to feel good. :)  Life is about surronding yourself with things that make you feel good, so therefore I will be adding more color.  That's right!  I am taking charge and doing it!  Whew.  That felt good.  I know.  I am weird. 

What do you think about the rooms above and color?  I know there is ALOT of white on white out there..but I would love to know what you think!


  1. i am write there with you!!! i literally wrote a post about this two days ago! it must in in the air!

  2. I love the rooms! Although I am going white I am adding color as well. Pops of color here and there really can brighten up your space. I do love the white on white as well, it is so soothing, I guess it just depends on what you are looking for and you are right, surround yourself with what makes you happy. :)