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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Rug....Me No Likey

So, my new rug came yesterday.  I don't like it.  It will be
heading into Connors room and he will like it.  He will. 

This is what it looks like at in real life.

This is what it looked like online.

The colors look a little different huh?!  Not as vibrant.  More childish and kid room-ish.  I guess that is the risk you take when ordering something online.

Now back to the search of finding the right rug!



  1. It is a pretty rug, but you are right, the colors are WAY different in real life! I hope you can find the rug!! At least Conner gets a new rug! :)

  2. That's no good! The color are totally different. I'm sorry!

  3. I know, right!? I just ordered a hemp rug and I think I am going to like it! *fingers crossed* :)