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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Etsy Love

I haven't written in awhile. Oops. I have sooo much I want to write about, but don't want to babble on and on. I have been crazy busy, finishing up my semester (only have till friday- yippee!!), Easter was here (and gone) and spring break also. I had so many plans for spring break; get stuff organized, yard work, make a bunch of new pillow designs..ect. But nothing seemed to get done and the time went too fast! Ugh...why does time fly like that!? We did have a nice Easter- visited with family and friends. That is always nice. :) I am a little anxious to finish my phsyics class, it is my last before my clinicals, which I am grateful for,but I am nervous to see how long the waitlist is. I am afraid it is going to be like 3 years! I will soon find out I guess. I am hoping that whenever it is, we are moved closer by then so I won't have an hour drive to school everyday! My husband drives there everyday for work, and it would really stink if we are both commuting and hour each day there, seperatly! I did find a house I LOVE, that would only be like a 10-15 minute drive for both his work and my school! We would have to sell our house first though, and our house we are flipping. I don't think we could handle four mortgages! (The fourth one we at least have a renter in!) That is ANOTHER summer project, finishing up our flip! Last summer it was the house we have rented out right now, and this summer it is the house we plan on selling. It is going to be a cute little house- brand new inside and out! The trim is going up as I type this and cupboards are ordered and should be in by the end of the month. Then it is my turn to paint! I don't really mind painting....Well I guess I am babbling on and on, sorry about that...I will def. write more often, I have alot I want to talk about! This is my own little venting station! Take Care!

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