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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Has Sprung....I hope!

Wow! It is gorgeous outside. I just ran to the post office and it is beautiful! I hope it sticks around. I was begining to think that Michigan skipped over spring this year! Well, I am extremely happy to say that my physics class is done today and over with! It was my last class and now all I have is clinicals left to do! Not looking forward to it, but in a way I am . I know it is going to be pretty intense, but I know it needs to be done. (obviously). Things are going good- dedeetsyshop (my etsy shop) is starting to pick up! I have had a pretty good month- it is only my fourth month, but it is getting busier as I am learning the good times to list, the items people are interested in, and different ways to advertise. I had one of my little bird pillows just put on a blog it is the greatest little blog all about babies and baby decor. I just love it and was so surprised to see some of my pillows on there! Thanks so much to her!! Check it out- it has some adorable nursery pictures on there! So now that my classes are done for the semester I am going to start working on some new pillow ideas and perhaps thinking about doing some tables at a farmers market this summer. The one in my area is in a little resort town that gets ALOT of people in the summer and I might try it once and see how it goes. Has anyone had luck at places like that? Well I am off to ship out some Mini Bags of HOME! Will write soon!

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