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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Day At The Beach..


Yesterday was lovely..we spent the whole day at the beach, laying around, swimming, muching on snacks.  Connor caught a few minnows and reluctantly threw them back. He wanted to keep them. They sat in a bucket full of water for about an hour...poor little fish. They were so happy to be let go!  The day was beautiful though and the water was warm.   I swam and swam and felt like a little kid.  I remember swimming like a fish when I was little..staying in the water for hours on end and coming out with shriveled up fingers...ah, the good ol' days!   I love coming out from the water and laying right in the hot nice!  My husband tried dragging me out to water over my head....not nice.  I know how to swim, but I panic for some reason when it is over my head.  (only in a lake, not a pool).  I picture creepy crawly fish biting at my toes for strange reason.  I am strange, I know! :)   It didn't happen, but hey, it could of!  So the day was grand- we stopped for ice cream afterwards to pack on the calories we all lost from swimming  and heaed on home!  How was your weekend?

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