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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I want to be here......

Image- Wisteria

I want to be here.  Right now.  I need a break desperately!  Connor had his tonsils out on monday and had complications and needed a SECOND surgery to fix it.  Ugh.. I feel so bad for him, he is hurting really bad.  I hope he feels better soon!  And on top of that, I am even farther behind on my pillow orders from my etsy shop.  I have almost 300 pillows to make!  Some customers are really nice and patient, but others, let's just say, are NOT!  And they are mean about it.  And even are leaving negative feedback that isn't true.  It upsets me because I work really hard to make great, quality pillows and  I try to get them out as fast as I can and have super great customer service and so on and so on...  It is frustrating...

Anyways...back to the pillows and to get my tough little guy a much needed popcicle!  Thanks for listening to me rant! :)

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  1. I always love your blogs. I've been in your store often to dream about what I would like to buy when I have a house again. I hope your days get better. =)