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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!!

It is snowing! Again! This purple color reminds me of the tulips that come up on the side of our house every spring- so I chose it to cheer me up from my winter blues. I got an e-mail from Skully- an artist on Etsy and she said that she would like to make me the featured artist on her blog one of the upcoming weeks! So she sent me a list of questions for the interview part and 5 of my items will be featured on her blog! How exciting! I hope it generates some sales! I will post the link to her blog once I find out when I will be on it and if you want you can check it out! I am trying to figure out ways to get taffic to my blog- and how to be able to someday have featured artists and links to other sites and so forth! I am working on that so hopefully soon my blog will be spectacular! Well I have much needed laundry to attend to that I have been neglecting! I will write soon!

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