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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Freezing Wonderland

Holy Cow! It is freezing out. Our winter has been so harsh it is insane. Our heat bill is over 300 bucks a month and it doesn't seem to be getting any better! Today it is negative 15! Our little boy got out of school at noon today b/c of the mini blizzard we are having outside and is freaking out b/c his DS game is not going as planned! Oh the joys! My sewing machine went posessed on me yesterday and had to go buy a new one today so I can sew some more stuff for my Etsy shop (dedeetsyshop). I felt like I lost my left hand without it, I have been on there so much. Ohh...and I got stuck in our driveway this morning..luckily two nice men came and shoveled and pushed me little boy was late for school, needless to say! My husband had already left for work and if it wan't for them, the car would still be there! So to return the favor, I went and shoveled the old lady across the street driveway. Her husband is in the hospital and she can't get around too good. My good deed for the day! Anyways, I should go check on Connor...I hear some grunting about his game and fear he may break something..j/k....I hope not! Have a great day!

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