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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hamster Success!!!

I found him.  The hamster was found!  He is safe in his cage, a little chewed on it looks...I hope he will be ok.  It looks like a cat or something carried him downstairs and he got away, hid under the couch  and came out when it felt safe!  I was sewing away on my sewing machine and he caught the corner of my eye!  Good thing because he also caught the dogs eyes too!  I scooped him up fast and put him safely in his cage!  Connor was ecstatic when I picked him up from school!  Whew...that hamster has to be down to one life left.  He has been through alot I tell you!  The stories I have...poor hamster!

Anyways..isn't this picture beautiful!  I love fall.  I just wish we had some sunny days here in Michigan!  Lately it has been all clouds and rain!  I want some nice Indian summer days!  Enjoy the picture!

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  1. Yeah I am so glad that you found him!!!! I hope he does ok!! I love Michigan falls too! The sun does need to come out more though..