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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Benches in Entries

I love a good bench in an entry room.  It is the first impression someone gets too, right!?  So why not make it special?  I want to make my entry room more "special" and less cluttered too!  There always seems to be an endless pile of shoes on the floor, coats and hats and scarves.  These entries make it seem effortless to keep the clutter contained.  And I love them all.  If only it were that easy though!

So I am drawing inspiration from these pictures.  More pretty.  Less cluttered.  That is my goal!

Don't forget to enter my pillow give-away below too!!   Just scroll down!  It will be open about another week....spread the word!



  1. I love these entries/hallways! I also like seeing pictures of YOUR house! more please!!!

  2. I wish I had room for a bench! I especially love the fourth one! Now I gotta make sure I entered the give away!

  3. The 4th one down is my fav too! Yes- Enter! Enter! And tell your friends too! :)