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Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Fabulous Christmas Decor Inspiration

While I know many of you are all finished up with your holiday decorating...and enjoying it, there are a few of us *ahem*...that are not.  (me).  So, I thought I would share some wonderful pictures of some of my favorite Christmas rooms around the blogosphere! 

On a good note- we did get a tree last night.  At 9:00.  In the pitch dark.  With a flash light.  It was COVERED, and I mean, covered in snow and ice.  We really couldn't tell what it was going to look like, but I felt bad for the tree farm owner and picked one quick, since he did take us out to the woods at 9:00.  It is up now and melting in the living room.  I have several old towels underneath it, catching the drip.  Oy.  Tomorrow it should be dried out and ready to deocrate!  I will be sure to post some pics!

Anywho.  Onto the fabulous inspiration pics.  I wish I knew where they all came from...I am terrible at that.
But....enjoy them!

Ps....Can you believe that it is almost Christmas????  Wow.


  1. Those photos are beautiful. I can't believe it's only a week away. I need to get busy.

  2. Gorgeous photos!! I can't believe it either it seems like we just started thinking about Christmas and now it is here!! Have a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Hello,

    Lots of inspiration! I love the third picture. I was thinking of changing up our bedroom and moving our bed in front of our two windows. Looks pretty!
    Thank you for sharing.