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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Box For A Buck

Ok, so you are probably thinking, "How many pics can a girl take of an old box??"  Let me tell you....alot!  I must have taken 15 pictures of this box yesterday!    You're lucky I only gave you 6 to look at! :)  Anywho...I got this box at a flea market on our way home from canoeing last weekend.  It was holding a bunch of "pieces" and odds and ends of little tools and car parts.  The guy running the stand gave me the weirdest look when I asked him if I could just buy the box.  I said "How much for the box?"  He looked at me like I was crazy, wanting this old, chippy thing!  He shrugged and was like ... "Uhhh..a dollar?"  Sold!  It is that perfect patina that I like... shabby and old!  I am using it to hold magazines right now, but who knows what it will end up holding in the future!?  Books?  My millions of spools of thread?  Craft supplies?  I thought it would be cute filled with lots of old, rugged looking baseballs in my sons room too!  So far I have only been able to find 2 "old" baseballs though!  Any other ideas on what to fill this 1.00 box with?

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  1. Great find!!! I love it that what one thinks as trash, another thinks as treasure!! It is perfect!!!