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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Cupboard...Sorta


So, I had this cupbaord for almost a year had been in my downstairs bathroom, until sunday. It is super old and it has great glass knobs on the doors.  It was full of spider webs..but I cleaned it all out!  The inside is huge for storage..I keep all my shipping envelopes in there and paint supplies!  Anyways, I moved it out of the bathroom and into my dining room!  I hung a bunch of black and white pics I got enlarged above it and put an old window on the top b/c part of the top was not finished the same as the rest. (It must have had a top piece at one time)  My only problem is..what to do with the wall next to it?  Do you see it..the one with the mirror??  Any suggestions on what to do there?  I thought about hanging a bunch of white platters and dishes..what do you think?

PS- Henry likes it too! :)


  1. I really like that cupboard! I love the way you put the window on top and placed on your treasures on it! Can you hang that lovely mirror up on that wall? Maybe a cute little antique shelf? Whatever you choose, it will look great!!

  2. Well that mirrow is HEAVY! It takes 2 people to even move it! I would be very nervous to hand it up....I was thinking a shelf too though! I have one here...I just wish it were a bit bigger..I might have to try it out though!

  3. I love the cupboard, and I think it is a great idea to add the window on top of it. I would have never thought of it!!!!
    Good thinking. I love how Henry moved in!