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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Decorating Woes

While I love my mostly neutral decor, something I get the urge to brighten things up a bit.  Do you all have that problem too??  I hope I am not alone.  When we first bought this house, I was into earthy tones like mossy greens, dark taupes and coffee colors...reds and oranges... Then I changed to very shabby chic..pinks and light greens, yellows, and light blues.  NOW I am into lots of neutrals, creams, whites, browns...seagrass rugs, natural elements.  BUT, then I see pictures like the ones below and crave some colors and eclectiness (is that even a word?) Am I alone here?  I have always been like that, back and forth on my decorating, changing things all the time!  So I think that it is a good thing for me to have neutral furnishings and such.  Hmm....


  1. I can't make up my mind either! You are not alone! I go from color to color to color and back again!! :) I think it is fun to change things up, keeps life interesting...or at least that is what I tell myself! :)

  2. I am totally with you! I have this terrible urge to paint the walls bright colors and make bright pillows!
    Just don't tell my husband. I'll have to do it when he's out of town.... hahahaha
    too funny!