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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Decorating Itch

I've got it.....the itch I get every new season to move things around!  With fall right around the corner, it is back!  I feel the need to remove, renew, re-accessorize, toss out, bring get the idea!!  I get the urge to just change things up a couple times a year.  Sooo..the other night I decided to re-arrange my living room.  I took one chair up and moved it to our bedroom upstairs.  It is a super cute chair- with aqua and brown and tan stripes...but I just wasn't feeling it anymore in our living room.  Then I just simply switched spots with the couch and chairs.  In came some new accessories and out went some old ones.  And Voila!  Presto change-o!  It really only took a couple hours. (It was so nice to clean all the dust bunnies underneath the couch too that thing is HEAVY!)  I have a few more things to finish in there, but here is a glimpse.....

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