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Friday, August 20, 2010

Paint it White.....

That's what I say!  Paint it white!  I think just about every piece of furniture can look fabulous in a few coats of white paint!  Check out this table that I got at a garage sale for 5.00!!  It is SOLID, solid wood!  And heavy!  It is very old and the dark finish on it was in great condition...but I just wasn't feeling it and it just didn't fit our white it went!  Picture number one...I know...I should have picked up the toys and fabrics...sorry!  But that is a before picture of it in the room...doesn't fit huh...and then another close up of it before.  The third picture is with one coat of primer on it and then the last two- VOILA!   It took three coats of paint and a coat of poly....I distressed the edges a bit with some sandpaper and I think it turend out great and def. fits that room better!


  1. It look so great!!! White is my favorite!!! I love the lamp on the table too!!

  2. That table was a STEAL!!! I'm so jealous! :)

  3. i love how you used a full sized table for that space - and it looks great there!